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Class of 1969 Contact: Sherry Breeden Savage

Class Officers: Janet Dupy, Joe Murrell, Brenda Anderson, Sponsor: Miss Wall

Homecoming Queen: Cheryl Neal; Royalty: Seniors Janet Shy and Marcy Skinner; Juniors Cheryl Churchill and Janan Jones; Sophomores Tami Chauvin and Susan Smith; Freshman Marilyn Streiff

Cresset King & Queen: Bob Benson and Cindy Shy; Attendants: Senior Shirley Boley, Freshman Cozette Chauvin, Sophomore Barbie Carter; Princesses Cindy Ream, Cheryl Churchill, and Susan Bailey; Princes Pat Thorne, David Paris, Dick Brockmeier

Barnwarming King & Queen: King Don and Queen Wilma

Miss Phy-Chem: Kay Poppenhagen

Student Body President: Steve Fair

Superintendent of Schools: Raymond E. Houston

CHS Principal: Charles Meek

Basketball: Season Record 20-6; CHS Tournament Champions; Northwest Missouri Conference Champions (12-2); District 7 Regional Champions; State Tournament - lost by one point (58-59) to Columbia

Football: Undefeated Conference Champions (8-0-1) - second time in Hornet history; Most Points Scored (314); Most Touchdowns (45); Most Players Scoring (16); Most Extra Points Kicked (30); Most Yards Rushing (2111); Most Yards Passing (1091); Most Yards Total (3202); etc. In addition, the team led the conference in every category offensively and defensively and set individual records in Most Extra Points Season (tie) and Most Extra Points Career, as well as Longest Field Goal (33 yards) - Joe Murrell, Most Interceptions One Game (and Season, Career) - Buddy Beetsma. Most TD Passes One Game, Most Attempted, Completed, and Yardage Gained in One Game, and a tie for Most TD Passes for Season - Brent Anderson.

Class Motto: "Not In Cresset"

Maxi Reunion Photos
(click on each photo to see a closer view and caption)

Maxi I
Sept. 3, 2005
Maxi II
Sept. 4, 2010
Maxi III
Sept. 5, 2015
Maxi IV
Oct. 3, 2020
Photo by
Murphy's Photography
Photo by
Bailey Studio

In Memoriam: Charles Arr, Karen (Baker) Holloway, Norma ( Breeden) Garr, Bob Brockmeier, Carolyn Sue "Susie" (Brown) Van Horn (09/24/14), Gary Browning, Finis (Fuzz) Ray Burnett, Dennis Carter, Jackie ( Constant) Jungert,  Stanley Cook, Dean Allan Cooper (08/02/16), Nancy (Cooper) Schiskie (04/12/11), Gerry Coult, Mary Beth (Dawkins) Williams, Kenny Davis, Mary "PAT" Patricia (Dickerson) Christopher (05/26/2011), Janet (Dupy) Littrell (02/16/2022), Jerry Grindstaff (02/29/2011), Mary Anne (Harding) Lotz (summer 2010), Pam (Hayward) Thomas, Tess Hilt, Barbara (Jones) Ashford (08/11/17), John P. Jones, Emily Louise (Kerr) Hall (07/28/2021), Linda (Lancey) Ridley (05/07/13), Clifford R Maples (01/05/2022), Janet (McKerrow) StOnge (12/21/2021), Kathy Minnick, Richard Musgrave, John Nichols, Barbara (Paustian) Ireland (08/18/16), Richard L. Roney, Doug Scott, Mary Ann Slattery, Gary Souders, Bill "Butch" Sprong, Jim Still, Debbie (Tevis) Lamp, Bruce Walton, Keith Ware (04/01/16), Craig Watkins, Bob Williams, Niram Franklin "Frank" Williams (08/05/18), Donald Lee Wilson (06/18/19)

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