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Class of 1961 Contact: Charlene Guilford (1-660-565-2250) & Marilee Hill Clark

Class Officers: Jim Stewart, President; Johnny Johnson, VP; Dee Ann Heimbrook, Secretary-Treasurer; Miss Wall, Sponsor

Homecoming Queen: Sandy Rinehart; Royalty: Dee Ann Heimbrook, Senior Queen; Susie Winkelmeyer, Sophomore Queen; Candy Taylor, Freshman Queen; Judy Taylor, 8th Grade Queen

Cresset King & Queen: Larry Hall and Connie Churchill; Attendants: Judy Taylor, Susie Winkelmeyer, Pam Gale, Gary Hurst, Sandra Rinehart, Ronnie Atkins, Karol Hawkins, Dee Ann Heimbrook, Candy Taylor

Barnwarming King & Queen: Jerry Gaston and Susie Whyte

Miss Phy-Chem: Marilee Hill

Student Body President: Susie Whyte

Superintendent of Schools: Raymond E. Houston

CHS Principal: George P. Newbolt

Basketball: Regular Season: 5-10; MRVC Tournament 2-1 (lost to Excelsior Springs); Christian Brothers' Tournament 0-2; Chillicothe Tournament 2-2 (lost to Trenton and Macon - captured 4th place with Malta Bend taking 1st); Regional Tournament 1-1 (lost to Trenton)

Football: Record: 2-7

Class Motto: "I remember those days of 1960-1961 in CHS. Most of them were happy days. All of them are locked in a golden casket of memory now. At a turn of the key they come flooding forth again. From the glad rush of first day greetings, through the round of classes, assemblies, parties, games, picnics, exams, plays - all the year's events - to commencement that meant goodbye for many, it was a wonderful year."

Maxi Reunion Photos
(click on each photo to see a closer view and caption)

Maxi I
Sept. 3, 2005
Maxi II
Sept. 4, 2010
Maxi III
Sept. 5, 2015
Maxi IV
Oct. 3, 2020
Photo by
Murphy's Photography
Photo by
Bailey Studio

In Memoriam: Shirley (Allen) McKissick 10/03/13; David Eddie Anderson 07/21/20; Pamela Sue (Branaum) Lent 03/24/14; Judy (Broyles) Albert 05/09/08, Ronnie Citron, Betty (Cobb) Lightle, Judi (Colvin) Price, Peggy (Cousins) Faubian, Karen (Dennis) Hicks, Walter "Prather" Ellsberry 08/09/17, Linda (Gray) Deeter, James Hayes, Ruth Herring Heiple 7/11/10, Claude Lee "Duck" Horton 10/04/2021, John W Johnson 05/10/14, William "Bill" Albert Kieffer 12/27/2020; Judith Ann (Lionberger) Cassity 08/25/2021, Ruth Ann McCracken, Richard Nibarger 01/03/2021; Charles Pollock 06/07/15; Lawrence Ralls, Leland LaVerne Reeter 05/12/2021; Janice F. (Renfro) McMillan 12/29/11, Sherie (Rensch) Fisk 10-14-12; Raymond Lee Sanson 01/28/18, Roscoe Scoggin, Charles Sidden 03/17/13 Jane Toyne, Elaine (Weber) Parrish 08/04/18, Terry Westfall, Susie (Whyte) Murray Rizer 03/14/2011, Emmanuel Williams 05/11/14, Jim Williams, Jan Wybrow, Phillip Dean Wilson 01/16/2019

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