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Class of 1968 Contacts: Kris Chittum Daniel and Susan Fair

Class Officers: Bill Beever, Steven Phillips, Mike Jordon, Sponsor: Miss Wall

Homecoming Queen: Terri Simmons; Royalty: Seniors Ruth Ann VanHorn and Debbie Walker, Juniors Cheryl Neal and Debbie Magee, Sophomores Terry Lee and Melody Gabel, Freshman Cindi Churchill

Cresset King & Queen: Phil Willard and Marcy Skinner; Attendants: Donna Raney, Freshman; Kayce Halstead, Senior; Janan Jones, Sophomore; Princesses Penny Daniel and Janet Dupy; Princes Donnie Jackson and Joe Murrell

Barnwarming King & Queen: Shermie Smith and Claudia Ream

Miss Phy-Chem: Joyce Jacobs

Student Body President: Scott Hall

Superintendent of Schools: Raymond E. Houston

CHS Principal: George P. Newbolt

Basketball: Record: 11-9

Football: Record: 8-0-1 (tied Kirksville)

Class Motto: "Not included in Cresset"

Maxi Reunion Photos
(click on each photo to see a closer view and caption)

Maxi I
Sept. 3, 2005
Maxi II
Sept. 4, 2010
Maxi III
Sept.5, 2015
Maxi IV
Oct. 3, 2020
Photo by
Murphy's Photography
Photo by
Bailey Studio

In Memoriam: Bill Anderson, Larry Anderson, David Ashbrook, Chris (Faubion) Dupy (12/12/15), David Ray Frost (04-22-14), Tom Gann, Janet Gates, Leroy Geyer, Vickie Lyn (Gillilan) Ireland, Tracy Haynes, George Ishmael, Bobby Jewel, Robert ("Bob") Lee Marriott (04/11/2022), Carl Prewitt, Gary G Reeter (11-30-13); Kathryn Sue Rennells (03/19/2020), Lynn "Dee" (Schultz) Cunningham (02/07/19); Carl Lavern Shipp, Jr. (02/21/19); Mike Simpson, James L Tharp (08-23-11); Charles Turpin; Donald Louis Ware (03/13/2021); Kenton Wheeler, Pat (Wittler) Tuffli


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