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Class of 1964 Contact: Linda Edwards Sapp

Class Officers: President Larry Hershberger, Vice President Linda Edwards, Secretary-Treasurer Clay Smith, Sponsor Miss Wall

Homecoming Queen: Barbara Gale (Royalty: Senior Princess Mary Lauhoff, Jr. Attendant Mary Lou Rensch, Senior Princess Pat Churchill, Sophomore Attendant Mary Daniel, Freshman Attendant patty Faubion, Sophomore Attendant Donna Jo Weston, Jr. Attendant Dotty Wilson)

Cresset King & Queen: Dick Dowell and Cheri Jordan (Attendants: Evelyn Harris, Senior; Nancy Magnin, Sophomore; Ellen Austin, Freshman)

Barnwarming King & Queen: Larry Warren and Susie Vandiver

Miss Phy-Chem: Nancy Brown

Student Body President: Candy Taylor

Superintendent of Schools: Raymond E. Houston

CHS Principal: George P. Newbolt

Basketball: 6-9 (losses to Marshall, Milan, Brookfield twice, Kirksville twice, Marceline twice, Trenton), MRVC Tournament 1-2 (losses to Marshall and Carrollton); Chillicothe Tournament 2-1 (loss to Marshall); Regional Tournament lost to Moberly

Football: 9-0, 1st Undefeated Untied Team in CHS history, Conference Champs, Ranked #2 in outstate by KC Star, Longest Winning Streak in CHS history of 17 consecutive victories

Class Motto: "Not included in Cresset"

Maxi Reunion Photos
(click on each photo to see a closer view and caption)

Maxi I
Sept. 3, 2005
Maxi II
Sept. 4, 2010
Maxi III
Sept. 5, 2015
Maxi IV
Oct. 3, 2020
Photo by
Murphy's Photography
Photo by
Bailey Studio

In Memoriam: Delores Cashatt Griffith, Carl Willis Cole (03/03/19), Carolyn Cook Leffler, Jim Cunningham, Sam Darr, Sharon "Sherry" Elaine (Eads) Wheeler (02/01/2021); Shelley Nan Flowerree (05/25/2021), Barbara Higgins, Dan "Danny" Russell (Greene) Hind 04/21/2022, Pat (Hinnen) Willis (12/11/2020), Shirley (Jones) Shannon (12/09/17), Jim Lambert, Betty Lindsey, Barbara J. Malone (May 11, 2019), Ed Mason (11/03/17), Linda (McNally) Shea (02/20/16), David Musgrave, Ann Newton Nickell (02/29/16), Cheryl Kay ( Norman) Cusack (02/06/2022), Tommy (Tom) G. Phillips (01/26/2022), James Raymond Ralls (06/15/15), Joe Rinehart, Clay Smith, Rita Standley Fender, Tim Steen, Thomas Van Swearingen (August 4, 2019), Rex Tripp, Nancy Willard Stucker, Johnny Jay Yeomans (05/27/17), Sharon Young Lamp

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